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Crystal Jewellery

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Red Bohemia Crystal Pearl Necklace
Regular price₹ 1,875.00₹ 892.50 - ₹ 898.50
    American Diamond Crystal 3 Pcs Solitaire Ring Set
    Regular price₹ 1,498.50₹ 817.50
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Rose Gold
    Traditional Gold Plated Crystal Bracelet
    Regular price₹ 2,248.50₹ 598.50
      Silver & White Crystal Bracelet
      Regular price₹ 2,998.50₹ 598.50
      • Silver
      • RoseGold
      Metal Crystal Titanium Bracelet
      Regular price₹ 4,498.50₹ 1,498.50
        Crystals Alloy Metal Necklace Set
        Regular price₹ 2,998.50₹ 898.50 - ₹ 1,042.50
          Blue Crystal Alloy Jewel Set(Gold)
          Regular price₹ 2,212.50₹ 598.50 - ₹ 898.50
          • Gold-Blue
          • Gold-Black
          • Gold

          Crystal jewellery is said to have healing powers. Since the world is moving towards spirituality, people are preferring to adorn crystals to maintain physical and mental health.

           Crystal stone jewellery in India is not new, as crystals have been used for various purposes for centuries. There was a time when sages used crystals to store their power and use it when required. Crystal can be real or man-made. They can be used in their natural form and then a few can be moulded in shape, size and be used in a hand-made jewellery piece like a pendant or a stone form in a finger ring. Real crystal jewellery, though, can be expensive, but again, it is an investment of royalty and self-love. Thus, crystal jewellery sets are now worn by the rich people of society at their parties and get-togethers, thus, showcasing their power and passion for exquisite jewellery.

          Many women are preferring crystal jewellery sets and crystal jewellery earrings to adorn themselves on their D-day, as evening functions have their own charm and a night filled with crystal jewellery can add more romance to your life. When it comes to designs, crystal jewelry designs are available in plenty and one can choose from the wide range and collection that we offer.

          There are many crystal jewellery shops which sell handmade crystal jewellery, which can be bought and kept for use at various events. Jewelry of any kind is a woman’s best friend, and when it comes to crystal jewellery sets and crystal jewellery designs, one can opt from an ocean of choices. For all your grandmother's tales, purchase these beautiful pieces now.

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