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Dark BrownBohemian Handmade Earrings CFE1663
Regular price₹ 2,692.50₹ 598.50
  • Dark Brown
  • Golden Brown
Beautiful Black Boho beaded Handmade Ring CFR05202
Regular price₹ 2,242.50₹ 592.50
  • White
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Maroon
Silver- PlatedMulticolorHandmade StoneBeaded Earrings CFE1651
Regular price₹ 1,995.00₹ 517.50
  • Red-Black
  • Pink-Orange
  • Blue
  • Multi
HandmadeBeaded Square Studs Tassel Earringsa
Regular price₹ 3,292.50₹ 562.50
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Sky Blue
  • White
Quirky Handmade Beaded 'Wow' Earrings
Regular price₹ 3,292.50₹ 598.50
  • Yellow
  • Pink

There were those olden golden days when only handmade jewellery was prevalent. There might have been plenty of reasons like no tools and equipment or machinery to mould metals or any other material for jewellery making.

Today, despite advancements in the technology of jewellery making, people are getting inclined toward handmade jewellery for occasions like their Haldi function of marriage.

Many entrepreneurs are switching to making jewellery and selling it online to customers worldwide. Handmade jewellery is considered trendy and a go-to thing for most brides and women who opt for a subtle yet gorgeous look.

Most artisans form groups and sell local handmade jewellery to either the local handmade jewellery market or directly to customers. Handmade jewellery is available in plenty on online platforms. One can look for handmade jewellery online in India on google and there you shall get plenty of options to choose from.

The market of handmade jewellery is booming in India and so is the market of Handmade jewellery accessories. The handmade accessories India market and handmade hair accessories are available in plenty for the artists who are into this business.

One can also look for local makers by searching for Handmade Jewellery near me on their search engine. Many brides are opting for Handmade flower jewellery for their Haldi function and are also wearing matching jewellery along with their bridesmaids to give a “yellow look” to their entire Haldi function.

The manufacturers of handmade fabric jewellery too have been growing ever since the concept of handmade jewellery has come forward and is being liked and used by almost all. So, don’t waste much time and begin your collection of Handmade jewellery today!

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