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Blossom Choker set- Statement Handmade beaded Floral Necklace set for Women
Regular price₹ 3,299.00₹ 895.00 - ₹ 950.00
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink-Yellow
  • Red-Yellow
  • Orange Yellow
  • Pink-Sky Blue
  • Yellow-Sky Blue
  • Sky Blue
  • Baby PInk-Purple
Rainbow Petals Earrings-Multicolored Handmade Beaded Floral Earrings
Regular price₹ 1,999.00₹ 399.00
  • MultiColor
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • White
Rossy Earrings-Vibrant Handmade Beaded Dangler Earrings
Regular price₹ 1,595.00₹ 399.00
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Off-White

Step into the captivating realm of our handmade jewellery collection, where every piece resonates with artistic fervor and intricate craftsmanship. As you peruse through our virtual trove, a world of beads and fabric delights unveils itself, redefining elegance and inviting you to embrace accessories that truly mirror your distinctiveness.

Immerse yourself in the poetic allure of our creations, each one a labor of love meticulously fashioned by skilled artisans. The fusion of beads and fabric paints a symphony of textures and colors that dance in perfect harmony with your personal style. Delve into our curated assortment and uncover pieces that whisper narratives of culture and tradition, seamlessly intertwined with contemporary chic.

Our collection encompasses an array of treasures, from dainty bracelets that tenderly grace your wrist to statement necklaces that command attention. Discover the intricate dance of design and craftsmanship in our earrings, each pair a tale of elegance crafted to accompany you on occasions ranging from casual rendezvous to grand celebrations.

For those who relish a touch of panache in their daily life, our necklace collection radiates versatility, enhancing your ensemble with an understated charm. If you're preparing for a date night, let our jewellery be the finishing touch that elevates your allure. Dive into our sets, where every element harmonizes to create a symphony of beauty and grace.

For the vibrant spirit in you, explore our pieces suitable for parties that shimmer with festivity. And when it's time for the haldi mehndi, our collection offers a unique array that captures the essence of the occasion, infusing your style with tradition and vivacity.

With every piece, our handmade jewellery becomes an extension of your individuality, an ode to the artistry woven into every bead and fabric strand. Step into a journey of self-expression that transcends convention. Shop now and grace each moment with elegance, making your style an unspoken language of grace and charm.

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