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Jewellery Sets

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Unique Gold Plated Jewellery Set for Beautiful Girls & Women
Regular price₹ 3,999.00₹ 899.00
  • White
  • Pink-Mint Green
  • Green
Maa Laxmi Necklace Set - Gold Plated Temple Jewelry Set
Regular price₹ 6,599.00₹ 1,949.00
    Gold Plated Goddess Lakshmi's Temple Jewellery Set
    Regular price₹ 4,999.00₹ 1,890.00
      Gold Plated Traditional Maa Laxmi Jewellery For Women
      Regular price₹ 6,599.00₹ 1,949.00

        Jewellery of any kind is an integral part of an Indian Woman’s life. For an unmarried girl, a simple neck chain, a Kada, earrings, etc. are basic jewellery which she is supposed to adorn or simply by choice. A married woman must put on basic jewellery like the Mangalsutra, Payal, toe-rings, bangles, earrings, etc. and all this is basic and mandatory as they are signs of her "Suhaag".

        And since being in fashion is a need today, we bring you jewellery sets which curate all your needs and wants. Our page offers you Indian Jewellery sets which you want to wear every day and look just gorgeous.

        There are many low price jewellery sets available too if one wants to look all decked-up every single day. Most women tend to dress up every day as they have a habit of being dressed up all time and they might also have guests every now and then visiting their home since presentation matters a lot, looking good and confident is the need of the hour.

        Our page also gives you a wide range of jewellery sets for marriage, beautiful Kundan jewellery sets for brides, who do not want to risk wearing gold and expensive jewellery on their D-day. Bridal jewellery sets which come in various price ranges and colours and designs can give options to give all your wedding looks a different touch.

        The festival season is the season sale where we offer a jewellery sets sale where you can purchase your favourite jewellery at the best market prices.

        Many women love wearing matching sets to their outfits and our shop gives you the liberty of buying jewellery matching sets, artificial jewellery for brides, bridesmaids below 500 and many more options to opt from.

        Not only can you purchase and collect jewellery for yourself but also gift your loved ones from the Jewellery gift sets range which comes at all prices, colours, and designs. Jewellery completes a woman’s look, and we help you in this process by bringing you what you need the most.

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